Centre de référence
des maladies rares
du pancréas


PaRaDis is one of 4 constituent reference centres in the FIMATHO network.

FIMATHO is the national network dedicated to rare abdominal and thoracic diseases and malformations, coordinated by Professor Frederic GOTTRAND (CHU Lille).
Its mission is to strengthen links between health stakeholders associated with research, diagnosis, monitoring and training within the field, and to ensure seamless and coordinated action by these bodies on a national scale throughout France.

Fimatho comprises 4 reference centres:

  • Mardi (Reference Centre for Rare Digestive disorders)
  • Reference Centre for Diaphragmatic Cupola Hernia
  • CRACMO (Reference Centre for Chronic Oesophageal disorders and malformations)
  • PaRaDis (Reference Centre for Rare Pancreatic Diseases)